using Python, Django, Flash AS3, Nginx, Rackspace Cloud Files — 2011

  • Designed, developed & marketed an image macro generator site that achieved 5 million visits per month by its 3rd month.
  • Highly optimized site running on a server costing only $22 per month
  • Later purchased by Miltz Media and overtime has grown up to 14 million visits per month using the same architecture
* Current state of the site doesn't reflect my original work


using Python, Django, MySQL — 2010

  • Web app that reminds you to take the pill using SMS if you forget.
  • You can send text message, phone call, or use the website to let it know that you took it.


using Python, Toy Parser Generator — 2009

  • Developed my own dynamic objected programming language supporting most features of a modern scripting language like Python
  • Supported features:
    • Array, String, Numbers, Dictionary, Try/Catch, Exceptions, Stack Trace, Static Trace, Call by reference/value, Named parameter, Operator Overloading, Cyclic Import, Multiple Inheritance, Closure
    • Initial work for CSE 306: Principles of Programming Language extended to a full language

Victory Lane

using Python, Django — 2009

  • Software engineering class project to develop an event registration system
  • Worked in a team of 4

Pokemon Azerath

using Python, pyGame — 2007

  • Full-fledged Pokemon imitation with battling, NPC’s and storyline
  • Built custom game engine and used 3rd party tile based map editor
  • Coordinated a team of 3 who created story line & built maps
  • For Introduction To Python course in High School