using Python, Django, Flash AS3, Nginx, Rackspace Cloud Files — 2011

  • Designed, developed & marketed an image macro generator site that achieved 5 million visits per month by its 3rd month.
  • Highly optimized site running on a server costing only $22 per month
  • Later purchased by Miltz Media and overtime has grown up to 14 million visits per month using the same architecture
* Current state of the site doesn't reflect my original work

Slide Engine

using Flash AS3 — 2009

  • Designed a game engine where Adobe Flash IDE is the Map editor
  • Assigning a class attribute to any symbol object makes it accessible in the world
  • Animating platforms using Tweens translates to moving platforms in game

Multiplayer Chinese Poker

using C#, Flash AS3, MS SQL — 2007

  • Multiplayer Chinese poker game where you can send a friend a link and start playing with them instantly or find people to play with in a lobby
  • Wrote a multi-threaded C# server as the backend