using C#, PHP, Windows Phone 7 SDK, MySQL — 2010

  • Windows Phone 7 app for sharing prices of items based on location
  • Ranked 5th in Microsoft Imagine Cup Worldwide contest
  • Was built with beta SDK and most controls had to be created by myself

Project Immunity

using C#, XNA, Physics2D.Net — 2009

  • 5 month project for Microsoft Imagine Cup Competition
  • Top down physics based shooter + first person shooter
  • Gaussian blurred depth of field, motion blur, edge glow, velocity particles

Multiplayer Chinese Poker

using C#, Flash AS3, MS SQL — 2007

  • Multiplayer Chinese poker game where you can send a friend a link and start playing with them instantly or find people to play with in a lobby
  • Wrote a multi-threaded C# server as the backend

Fair Haven

using C#, Truevision3D — 2007

  • Pursuit of a MMORPG, worked with Andrew Mac for 2 months
  • Built a 3D map editor with terrain modeling and texturing, undo/redo and collision mapping
  • Players can walk around, swim, chat around the world with others