using C++, OpenGL ES, MongoDB — 2012

  • Cross platform 3D MMORPG running on Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Custom 3D graphics engine and server
  • Asset pipeline that generates resources optimized per platform
  • Art and animation by Waseque Qazi

Gesture Recognizer for Kinect

using C++, PrimeSense — 2011

  • Recognize 2D hand gestures captured with Kinect using $1 Unistroke Recognizer paper
  • Uses shaking your hand to activate capture & holding still your hand for 2 seconds to stop capture
  • Accuracy of 97% with simple gestures shapes
  • For CSE 327: Computer Vision final project

Undergrad Compiler

using C++, Bison, Flex — 2010

  • Built a compiler with support for array, recursive function calls, popular operators, type conversion, short-circuit evaluation, etc.
  • Compiles to a fake assembly language with limited registers that can be compiled with GCC and executed
  • For CSE 304: Compiler Design optional project

Legend Engine

using C++, OpenGL — 2008

  • OpenGL based platform independent 3D game engine
  • Landscape with dynamic level of detail
  • Full DirectX model file format parser
  • For CSE 381: Advanced Game Programming

Bubble Trouble

using C++, Truevision3D, FMod — 2007

  • Remake of an original flash game Bubble Trouble for hobby


using C++, OpenGL — 2007

  • 3 player death-match on the same keyboard for high school class project
  • Built a simple 2D OpenGL rendering engine with support for sprite animation