Gesture Recognizer for Kinect

using C++, PrimeSense — 2011

  • Recognize 2D hand gestures captured with Kinect using $1 Unistroke Recognizer paper
  • Uses shaking your hand to activate capture & holding still your hand for 2 seconds to stop capture
  • Accuracy of 97% with simple gestures shapes
  • For CSE 327: Computer Vision final project

Undergrad Compiler

using C++, Bison, Flex — 2010

  • Built a compiler with support for array, recursive function calls, popular operators, type conversion, short-circuit evaluation, etc.
  • Compiles to a fake assembly language with limited registers that can be compiled with GCC and executed
  • For CSE 304: Compiler Design optional project


using Python, Toy Parser Generator — 2009

  • Developed my own dynamic objected programming language supporting most features of a modern scripting language like Python
  • Supported features:
    • Array, String, Numbers, Dictionary, Try/Catch, Exceptions, Stack Trace, Static Trace, Call by reference/value, Named parameter, Operator Overloading, Cyclic Import, Multiple Inheritance, Closure
    • Initial work for CSE 306: Principles of Programming Language extended to a full language


using Pascal, Truevision3D — 2006

  • Social app for 3D chatting with other users over IRC, while manipulating the world around you.
  • Worked with Andrew Mac as 2 months project for hobby
  • Developed custom 2D GUI engine with most standard window controls