ASP.NET Published Project MinifierTags:, web — 26th of August 2010


ScreenshotIts a utility you can use to minify the aspx files after you published your project. It goes through every aspx, ascx, master, js, css and minifies them. It even minifies the inlined css & jss in your aspx files. This means no extra cost of compressing your aspx during runtime.


It goes through the aspx file and looks for script & style tags, and compresses their contents with Yahoo YUI Compressor. And for everything else it replaces all the extra spaces (This wont work if you change the word-wrap css property).

How well does it work?

From trying on a single production website, it gave 8% to 35% decrease in file size for the aspx file, the percentage usually increases for larger files as they are more likely to waste space.


Before: (1031 bytes)

After: (761 bytes)


Source code included along with Yahoo YUI Compressor dll. Download Here.