jaspAjax: Fast and Simple Ajax for ASP.Net + JQueryTags: asp.net, jquery, web — 20th of October 2009

What is jaspAjax?

jaspAjax is an alternative to using Microsoft ASP.Net Ajax that can turn any regular postback into a Ajax postback. You just specify the relationship through one line of code
Ajax.AddRelationship(from, to);
jaspAjax is also dependent on JQuery which allows its client code to be extremely small at 2kb after gzip & JSMin!
A lot of time was also spent making sure jaspAjax works well with Microsoft ASP.Net Ajax so that all your Ajax Controls works great.

Why bother when Microsoft ASP.Net Ajax works great?

I got the idea for this at work where an older version of Telerik RadAjax was being used, all the ajax relationships were specified by a AddRelationship method and it worked great at first glance.
For every partial update RadAjax would download the whole page and trim off the data it needs from the page afterward. And as for attaching the Postback event it was done through replacing all the __Postback call with their own.
So I needed a good way to transition away from it while still being able to add ajax relationship as easily.


Download Here.
Included is the full source code along with test cases.